Friday, October 18, 2002

Hsiao Hsien to day gave me a set of red coral beads to match with the larger turquoise in one of my bracelets. She also gave me a Sacajawea dollar to give to Cherokee. and a small pot of Home made Tiger balm for Masha.
The treatment included a Blood letting which shocked me even though she warned (the back of my knees is quite sensitive.) On the second leg she used a seven pointed hammer to repeatedly prick the meridian point.
When she gave me the dollar she told me that a client had been giving them to her for several years. The reason she likes the coin is that it looks like her and the boy in papoose like her son who is now nineteen. I have always liked it since the woman is real and not an Idealized 'Liberty.' Also both her Eyes and those of the child face you. Coins usually show a profile...One eyed men, but this coin shows the future.

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