Sunday, October 20, 2002

Who gets money from Oil? What do they do with it? The Republican party members ar masters at the multi-pronged assault on their opponents. They are not above encouraging Riots like the ones that stopped the 2000 recount or the riots around Elian Gonzalez. Al Quaida might be a good model for the loyal opposition.

I ceratinly get the impression that republicans dont want us around, but Imagine prefering them! Perhaps Bush and Bin Lden are in the same boat after all. Disenfrachised young men are easir to motivate to violent action. Hitler used them. Arafat used them. Tim Mc Veigh was one. If the worlds economies continue to sink princes like the Bushes and the Saudi willhave plenty of desparate youn men to throw at the rest of us.
Remember; Power Kills; Absolute Power Kills Absolutely. Turn off the lights and take a walk. Let the Power Fall.

Worldandnation: Armey takes heat for al-Qaida comparison Retiring House Majority Leader Dick Armey's remarks last week praising Osama bin Laden's al-Qaida network as better organized than the Democratic-led Senate led to some predictable tut-tutting from the loyal opposition.

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