Sunday, April 29, 2018


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Monday, April 09, 2018


Just a lot of times when I just sit waiting.
I'm not sure if I'm really waiting for anything.
I couldn't really say if I was meditating or not it doesn't seem to have that much self-discipline.
I know and I meditate I sit upright and pay attention to my posture. Sometimes I even light incense, chant...
I think it's more like just waiting to see what happens.
And the more I wait the more I notice the little things that are happening the birds to fly by in their evening route to roosting and the ones that come out to hunt just as the sun goes down.
See people coming home to.
People walking their dogs getting their exercise.
There's times when I feel like an outsider to other things that are going on...
But when I'm in the middle of it when I'm rushing to work or waiting in line and patiently in the store you know tapping my foot or reading magazines or whatever.
Not really there either.
Sitting in this mist of always having someone to sit with.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Social network - Wikipedia

Social network - Wikipedia:

this idea of social networks has become more important to me over time, although when i first heard about it and began observing my own networks and those around me, i often thought i was off on a tangent that didn't connect with reality. Today, networks seem more tangible given the growth of social media we have seen with the advent of personal computing and smart phones.

The question must be, for everyone, have our networks grown and strengthened? Or are we merely mapping the superficial aspects? I know that Google and Facebook are mapping how we connect, and while it seems a little odd to look at it this way, deeper intelligence emerges from from richer networks.

I think contemplating our own networks in a pluralistic mechanical way and exploring the real nature of our connections will in the long run, help us as people individually, and in the wider schemas of society, civilization, and the natural world.

To make meaning and sense out of it, we will need to explore different institutions and create new models for education and learning. The education system and our information media function a bit like a factory or a retail outlet--churning out standardized students and distributing mass produced facts, alternative facts, and other parcels of concept which fail utterly at integrating wholly with the world.

If, our climate, of mood disorders, addictions and pathological politics, has its roots in how we form attachments as children  then grasp of  attachment theory and Social Networks offers a promising way towards recovery and building a stronger healthier world.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Have You?

Is Your Self Esteem Too Low Are You Afraid To Disagree You May Be Co-Dependent Co Dependency is common in families with addiction and substance abuse. There are many degrees of codependency. The severity of the condition is variable since the intensity of symptoms vary instead of being on an all or nothing scale. Also important to note: Not everyone experiencing the symptoms below suffers from codependency. These 20 questions may be result from other family dysfunction, but still signal that you may need help to start feeling better.

1. Do you keep quiet to avoid arguments?
2. Are you always worried about others’ opinions of you?
3. Have you ever lived with someone with an alcohol or drug problem?
4. Have you ever lived with someone who hits or belittles you?
5. Are the opinions of others more important than your own?
6. Do you have difficulty adjusting to changes at work or home?
7. Do you feel rejected when significant others spend time with friends?
8. Do you doubt your ability to be who you want to be?
9. Are you uncomfortable expressing your true feelings to others?
10. Have you ever felt inadequate?
11. Do you feel like a “bad person” when you make a mistake?
12. Do you have difficulty taking compliments or gifts?
13. Do you feel humiliation when your child or spouse makes a mistake?
14. Do you think people in your life would go downhill without your constant efforts?
15. Do you frequently wish someone could help you get things done?
16. Do you have difficulty talking to people in authority, such as the police or your boss?
17. Are you confused about who you are or where you are going with your life?
18. Do you have trouble saying “no” when asked for help?
19. Do you have trouble asking for help?
20. Do you have so many things going at once that you can’t do justice to any of them?

If you identify with several of these symptoms; are dissatisfied with yourself or your relationships; you should consider seeking professional help. Arrange for a diagnostic evaluation with a licensed physician or psychologist experienced in treating co-dependency.

Check out to learn about co dependency in families with addictions

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

thought for the day

When a job still looked like a mere means of getting money rather than an opportunity for service, when the acquisition of money for financial independence looked more important than a right dependence upon God, we were still the victims of unreasonable fears.

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