Sunday, August 12, 2007

Alphabets of Night

Have I but known you, loved you
Just your thought your breath
And you known the unsaid thought
Under the ground of thought, alphabets.
Under your perfect self,
You love the one breath
I, a stranger amongst your thoughts
I have your constance, you, your name.

Together, like pure makers of the night
Phantom appearance tells about ghosts. Existing
Is like fictional dancing described.
Our vision united must draw stares.
Ladies described and she of this same seeming.

Existing person, antiquated concern
Fine, I'm a muse tonight, her's in a sense,
Last in the described Self.
Why complain of lies?
As one, I muse beauty's night. both must dance.
As a vacant one, this seems Existing
divided heart and flesh a way.
depths can't plumb affection.
My fiction dancing subsided
While she still dreams
And what about her? Both night and words strung
The stares. Woman with woman by the act

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