Thursday, August 18, 2005

Poetry Blog

For a long time, I've kept a blog of poetry that I like. Called Sunlight,The project originally started as a way store a short story I was working on while I had computer trouble. I thought that If I posted work I had done then I would be able to come back to it and that I would be able to write and access the work from different locations. While all those things were possible, they merely distracted me from the work and I became more interested in page layout and linking. For a long time the site remained dormant while I fiddled around with other things. Eventually I modified the layout using a template from Blue Robot and some ideas from Shelly Powers who writes at BurningBird.
I like the layout, so I make it a generic template for a blog. It doesn't display exactly the same way in different browsers, but the differences are negligible.

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