Thursday, August 18, 2005

Local bloggery

Well, well, Nick Starr creator of the Blog is a local Saint Petersburger!
His site is a good exploit of the popular Flickr photo-sharing site. I’v seen some other exploits: there’s a best of flickr and of course the GeoBlogging phenomenon. Flickr seems to encourage it, with a ‘blog this’ button appearing above many photos. It’s nice to see the cross section of women that he includes, and he promotes the site by adding a link into the comments. I only hope that there’s not a back lash of reluctance and privacy issues. Starr Does not seem to discriminate between stuff people have loaded onto Flickr from other web sources and work by artist photographers sharing their stuff. mentions a few other sites using the same Idea..


  1. Awesome to see another St. Pete blogger. Thanks for the links on your blog. Glad you enjoy the site.

  2. i run basically with the same idea, although i try to filter the images, so i post only the really really good ones.


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