Friday, June 10, 2005

Dream Post

This morning, I had two dreams.
One had something to do with teaching people how to use the RUBY overscript markup in HTML: (not the programming language.)
We were trying to teach people how to use it to ad some kind of identifying marks to their writing. The results seemed to have more to do with foot notes, tool tips and popups but the thinking was all about RUBY.
For some reason, my adoptive mother was in the dream.. She was an academic anthropologist. This might make some sense because RUBY is ideal for adding hiragana pronunciation to kangi words in Japanese.
Dr. Wheeler was explaining why the technology might not work for some people.
The other dream also had something to do with the web. It seemed to focus on the color blue while the previous dream focused on red (as in RUBY.)
The content of this dream completely vanished as I was writing the first part of this post.
I also had a dream about two days ago which I told Masha soon after waking. This dream had a funny narrative form and I remember her saying, "Oh your making this up," when I finished. I have no recollection of that dream either.
I read somewhere that one should keep a dream journal by the bed or better yet a tape recorder. The reason given for this was that the "dream" is connected to the neuro-physical state at the time of waking, usually during an interrupted REM state. Any physical motion changes the neuro-chemical condition involved in the formation of the dream, thus erasing it.
This makes some sense as I usually have less trouble writing down a dream after I have told someone. Verbally recounting the dream also tends to give it a narrative quality. I suspect that most dreams are actually "made-up," during the first moments of wakefulness as the dreamer tries to "make sense." of the interrupted REM experience.

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