Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Central Casting: The End

Central Casting is officially out for the summer, possibly for good

Although Gloria let us believe that she had worked out details with Caroline Klova, both of them apparently overlooked the "Mondays are Mine," one day workshops which The Arts Center hosts through out the year. Additionally,Sally Bedrosian and Ken Wymsa have considerable anitpathy toward the casting group.

Gloria will still be teaching one of her two sessions in wax carving.

During the other session she will be acting as an entertainment director somewhere in the Carribean.

We had a pretty good run of it but Gloria's wavering commitment and frequent absence jeopardized the whole situation.

Since I feel less than welcome at other open studio sessions, I'm reconsidering the value of my membership.

On another note: If you live in St. Petersburg,Do not under any circumstances buy a computer from Times Systems at 541 49th Street South, 33707. They Call the police when you try to return merchandise. Recently a friend unwisely purchased a pentium two from them. He tried to return it within two hours and was told that the manager was out. Once the store had extracted the money from his debit account, the manager appeared and refused to refund the money. He immediately ordered my friend off the property and called the police. The police could not find anything wrong with the situation and left without taking names. they seemed to agree that it was just a nuisance call on the part of the merchant.
If you have had a simplar problem call the local Better Business Bureau at (727) 535-5522

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