Monday, May 09, 2005

System Update

I've been Bothered by Java/Byte/Verify Virus infecting zip and class files in application data. I'm not sure if the files themselves are viral. But the issue keeps recurring. Turned off my system restore because i've been told that it prevents the removal of many viruses.
I think It's gone to the virus vault now, but I don't know where it came from. Backdoor Stretch has been there too in a file called "ipmon." I know what trojans can do. That one probably came off an insecure backup CD that I made a few months ago.
The results of all this have been the disappearance of some critical files that operate windows wordprocessors and allow HTML editors to work. There was also a lot of mouse trouble. Double clicks don't always work. For a while I had the Wacom Tablet hooked up to use as a mouse. Of course the 'clicks didn't work on it either.
Any way I had to breakdown and reinstall all the windows software. This time I was clever and allowed the windows installation program to back-up all my system files. Usually I wipe out the whole hard drive and rebuild. This did not stop windows from loosing all connection to my HP printer. I think the system still connects to the scanner, but i'll have to check.
The quirks in the template for this blog still bother me. I'm thinking about using tables in the layout again. This time I'll try and avoid inline structural elements. I just want to hold three "div" classes in place and not have them shift around from one browser to the next. And I want to control how stuff looks inside using CSS. I've gotten way too frustrated by trying to get the blocks to sit three in a row in both FireFox and IE. I am afraid that I will sacrifice the pretty grey columns on the side, but If I can get the Three column thing to work right I will be very happy. Probably will use PostCard for the experiment since that blog is very messy and seldom visited. Of course there are quirks in HouseCall and SunLight could use work but sunlight should be simle enough to use as an 'iframe' on another website, after all it's just a repository of other peoples poems.

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