Sunday, May 08, 2005

New Moon 3/30/2132

Today is the last day of Metal Horse month in the a black month in Tibetan calendar.Now begins the month of the water sheep.
today should be favorable for aquiring food and clothing.

Also a good day to meditate on endings and beginnings, on what will come to fruit in the next thirty days. The day of the new moon is always Shakyamuni day. He is the young prince who renounced his heritage to become an acetic. Ultimately he became Buddha. Of course he always was Buddha, but he came to a point where he realized that. This day celebrates his break with the past and his separation from his fathers world; the beginning of his journey.

Of course it is also "Mothering Sunday." This secular holiday was passed into law long before the florists and card companies got into the act. It dates back to an old English custom of letting their servants go home to visit their mothers once a year. Then for a while it became a celebration of The Mother Church." I suspect that the contemporary holiday leaned back towards more ancient customs of honoring the mystery of biological parent hood and the awful amount of work expected of women raising children

Many of us chose to celebrate other mothers besides our own, respecting the fact that children tend to be a bit self centered. So let's join in celebrating the contributions of foster parents, adoptive mothers and those women who relinquished their children hoping for a better life for them. Then let us honor those who lost their children to war disease and catastrophe, and finally let us celebrate that maternal instinct in all of us to nurture and protect all things small and growing.

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