Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Masha bought a copy of "Getting Things Done."
At the moment I' more tied up with Paul Tillich.
But her purchase renewed my interest in conserving brainspace by making lists and notes. She did say something interesting about mistaking journaling for planning. She has a big planner out now to write appointments in. I wish I'd gotten her a Moleskine for Christmas.
I'm still trying to debug the "crazy mouse," cursor problem. Right now it's fixed by dis-able-ment, and using the WACOM pen-tab as a mouse replacement.
My adopted sisters birthday WAS May 16.
She says that "Mom," doesn't remember me. That's not what Dr. Wheeler says when we talk on the phone. She recently made her sisterly plea for acknowledgement. I've been waiting for last tears birthday and christmas cards.
She implies that she has health problems.
Guilt is stupid
eat it.

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