Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Central Casting

Central casting had a visitor last night: Florence, a patron of William's.
Martin was unable to make it. Waiting on a transfusion.
Florence was charming but a bit of a distraction.
Masha and I ended up botching a casting two "First Calvary" insignia, in silver. i invested without weighing the waxes frist so we estimated by the weight of a finished piece and doubled the weight. adding a few grams for the button. That didn't work. plus the button resevour was sort of flat, so the last little bits didn't run down into the sprue stem. The problem could have been solved if I had joined the Models with a simple span of wax wire to create a way for the silver to balance out between the two cavities. One of the pendants came out, but the other was missing a little bit of the top.
I wouldn't blame Florence for my mistake. She and William went out for a bite to eat leving us to monitor his kiln, and they returned with a pot of bouillabaise from a portugese restauranteur who was generous enough to Give them the whole pot
We were just hasty and we could have thrown a bit of extra metal in for good measure.

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