Friday, March 04, 2005

Central Casting

Thursday, March 03, 2005
It has been a month or so since I went in to Central Casting at The Art Center.
'W.' called and told Masha that he was looking forward to seeing us there and that he could get us a ride and that our lab fees were paid for.
Of course I haven't been there because my car stalls and doesn't run and because I've had some lingering Flu-like thing invading my bodily processes for the past month. And It's been Rainy Florida winter with moderate temperatures and gloomy skies.
A few days have been that perfect weather that inspires folks to move here. But there is a lot of rain and that is a good thin despite being miserable. At least it's not a hurricane, nor the devastating heat of June, July and August.
With no Air Conditioning in the car, I dread the summer.
But at least moving fast ameliorates the condition where the air temperature is higher than the average 98.* degrees that human blood generally boils.Fortunately casting is a nocturnal adventure. we try to run the workshop from three until nine in the evening, although we often start late and end late.the problem is that we need at least three hours to burn out a flask. when there are several, it can take longer and it is hard to get them to burn out if they are wet and freshly invested and the kiln is full. they need to be stable at around 1200 degrees for an hour and then cooled to 800 degrees to ensure consistency. getting four people to be that consistent is difficult. especially if they all are artists. On the other hand ceramics people seem to work it out quite well.
The problem is that G. is depressed and I am having trouble making enough wax models to bring in. W. on the other hand is staying very busy and he has every intention of making enough money to survive. G is not. she has the opportunity and the talent but it looks like old habits are getting the better of her.

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