Saturday, February 26, 2005

Mystery of the Crucifixion


'Then the Master touched my eyes so that they were opened to Reality. It appeared to me that the people seized him. They carried him off and hung him on a tree. I looked at him whom they had pierced, and I cried out, ‘What’s happening, Lord? Is it you they have nailed to this tree? Who is this standing above the tree rejoicing, laughing aloud? Are you above the tree, Lord, or is it you they are nailing to it?’ Then the one standing above the tree reached down, lifted me up, and pressed me against the one who was hanging on the tree, so that I was covered by his sweat and blood. The one hanging on the tree groaned and the one standing above the tree laughed. Then I found myself standing in the temple courtyard again with Jesus.

'‘The one you saw hanging on the tree is my mortal nature,’ explained the Redeemer. ‘The one rejoicing above the tree is my divine nature. My mortal nature will suffer as you have seen, and the suffering will be real, but my divine nature will rejoice because you, and those who believe your testimony, will be washed in my blood, which will generate the power of rebirth into Endless Life. I have sanctified you, John; I have claimed you as my own. My elect will accept your testimony and will come to you to receive those mysteries through which they will also be sanctified and claimed by me in the mansion of my Parents.’"

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