Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Yesterday, I met a Lemur for the first time.Eric, his owner named him Fonzie, because he's so cool. When Eric took his new friend to Petsmart, people kept commenting: "he is so cool!" The pharmacists came out of the veterinary Pharmacy asnd said, "he is so cool!" When people asked his "what's his name he said, "Fonzie." When they asked, " why did you call him that?" Eric told them because he 's so cool. People Eric's age remember Henry Winkler's television character 'Aurthur Fonzarelli" aka 'Fonzie.' Few of them recall that he went to Yale drama school or that he earned a doctorate in Hebrew studies from Emerson University. A freind of mine named Gloria turned me on to the Lemur. She Used to live in Gulfport and goes back ther often to visit the wonderful community that she left. The Gulfport Garage Is a reliable place to have your car fixed. They also have some other set of values, beyond good repairs. And old bible on the counter is always open, usuassy to some pages in Ester, the wall has some art Photographs titled "The Gulfport Garage Project," By Taylor Oliver. And they have a huge improvised cage of PVC and chicken wire for Fonzie. Eric seems to have great liberty to explain and demonstrate his pet, so, I take it that Lemurs are good for Business.

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