Saturday, March 28, 2009

i still see you running

I remember , you were breathless on the beach from running, sand in your shoes,
A Black feather in your hand, from some sea crow. You said we could make a pen,
If we plunged it hot sand , to temper, and then carved the nib to shape the angle
Of the words. But you are gone and only words describe You now.

If we talked more, about seashells , or feathers and rain, instead of taxes,
Wills and estates, We could have been,
I mean we were, but somehow, we missed.,
Something. Ourselves.

I still see you running up to me, by the grey green waters.
with a feather in your hand. You said, "It's cancer."
Your eyes already deep.
I took the feather
and you said
your doctor's name.
but i still see you running...

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