Tuesday, July 24, 2007


In your own day
People listened,
When you stood and spoke,
We offered hearts and minds
Questioned you and your ways,
Yet you always prevailed,
Bearing the spirit of support
A burden that became
A flaming torch
As you crossed the line.

I kneel to pray
I hold you in my thoughts
Image of an artist
With the taste of vision.

You burned more candles
Than the night could bear,
Lifted rags up and filled them
With men and women.
You gave us voice for song
When we could only squeek,
Clap hands and chortle
In our delight.

When you left us, we had
Acres of desolate sand,
Dry trees an wilderness,
Waiting for a spark.

Now rains deluge us
Beyond reason.

We drown in your absence.

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