Wednesday, May 09, 2007


You found yours
early morning.
on a walk with Dad.
Jealous, i searched
the woods and found
A horn in the boggy marsh
Where I had walked
several times before.
Together we found
A death, deep in the woods.
A skeleton lain
in an aura of disapated fur.
The skull was gone,
so i took away the jawbones.
and left the ribs and spine
in the still fir clearing.
Later I realized that my antler
Had been planted by Dave Jacobus
Yours was the larger of the two
we traded once or twice.
But i returned this one to you
Pointing out the old toothmarks
Of some rodent and the moss
that still fills the abrasion.
Yours was the wild mossy
Antler of the woods,
And mine was clean and bleached.
I can't remember which was which,
But i remember showing you
the marks and the moss
which suggesed
that the horn had lain
there for some time.
I thought the marks
had some meaning

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