Monday, October 30, 2006

one hundred words to winter

Shred the layered Veils
and Burn for heat these garments
which clothed us Summer long
now Shed their Golden splendor;
go Naked towards the Snow!

Till under these Pale stalks
in Clawed and furrowed Earth;
Bury life's remains with snow:
our gifts to winter's frozen heart.
Awaiting springtime's golden glow.

under this cold sky's arc
Effort rarely serves great Virtue;
One person's Work feeds many:
Starlings descend on the field.
Young ones shirk the Plow.

A paltry Rag-and-stick
man Wards off the Birds.
This season's children must till
Grandmother's garden. Spare the wine;
Break bread in new Jerusalem.

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