Thursday, August 17, 2006

Enjoy the view

"As he stood on a high mountain, looking out over the beautiful country before him, a man slipped and tumbled from the precipice.
In his fall he grasped desperately at anything which could break his fall. Luckily he grabbed a tuft of thick grass and was able to cling to that.
As he held on, a white mouse crept out of a crevice and nibble at the grass, Later a black mouse took it's place and chewed away a few stalks.
So it went for a time, first the white and then the black until the grass pulled away from the rock.
The man fell to his death.
Even though he clung to th cliff face for days and nights, he still fell.
In another story he let go to pick a wild berry which tasted sweeter than any flavor he had known.
Even if we cling to life like the first man, or give it up for one chance at bliss as did the second man,
We fall, hapless, through our lives.
No amount of struggle shifts the balance of the scales.

So do the meek inherit earth?
Or should we rage against the gnawing of the mice?

-Sherab Pawo

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