Thursday, May 11, 2006


Debris drifted through out the entire city:
Office memos and banking documents.
Thousands of post-it notes pasted reminders
Everywhere throughout the entire city.

A man walked in with ashes on his face
Covered with the grey dust that pervaded
The barkeep put a draft in front of him.
With no question. He began to tell us
How he walked around aimless and empty
Until he came to a place where firemen
Stooped over, sifting though the litter
He offered to help them collect
The fragments of human remains.
"We did that for hours." He left without
Ever drinking from that glass, his eyes fixed
On images which every one could see.

The pictures traveled all over the world
The airplanes crashed into the two towers
And crowds of people ran from clouds of dust
The pictures from that day covered the world

Did you see us bend to pick up pieces
The same event that tore people apart
Also brought us all closer together.
I found a page torn from a calendar
And i also found this pen.

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