Tuesday, January 24, 2006

reflection on tarot cards


My sister started reading Tarot back in the Eighties. (At least she said she did.)
A th the time she followed the Gratfeul Dead's unofficial entuorage, and like many other dead heads, she would do anything for money.
She told me a lot of things about being psychic.
Tarot readings had to be done by someone who was psychic, or able to "be Psychic."
She knew many readers who were psychic and gave people accurate readings. At this point, i felt that i was loseing touch with a person whom i had grown up with.

I read a book on tarot by Mouni Sadhu.
Un|Fortunately this was after I read something by a guy named Gurdjieff.
The whole nine yards, including the postage.

Long to short, I started reading Tarot for myself and others.
Typically I started by hacing the Querant shuffle the deck or just hold it.
Then i told Him or Her about the layout that i would use.
I usually let people choose the type of reading that they wanted.
I also made an effort to make it clear that the 'readings' were based on book learning, where I could show the references for an interpretation of the cards.
Most of the readings that i gave were spot-on accurate.
In one case i spent several hours arguing with an ex-girlfriend at a party.
She had dumped me and taken up with one of my 'friends' who had also slept with my sister, after my EX had gone away to college.

Suzy said psychic is crap.
We ended up playing mental chess with the cards. No one else could understand what we were talking about. Through all the metaphors of Tarot, it was clear to me that she planned to leave her current boy-friend. We disscussed this in a language of metaphors.
I could also see my future, but i could not act to change it.
I'm still kicking my self for the things I saw and could not act on.
That was in the cards too.
{picture of me kicking myself}

I also had the opportunity to work on a 'psychic' construction crew.
Somehow building a house lends itself to psychic activity.
Everyone knows where the nails go and what the blueprints look like.
Someone had a vision and the job is for the crew to 'make it so.'
These guys tried to demystify psychic phenomenon. They didn't discount it, instead they just said "gee wiz howdya know I was out of nails?"
Or something.

Any how you live-an'learn.
I'd rather not interpret things and label them psychic.
I think it's dangerous to feed the impression of supernatural phenomena.
If it happens, It's natural.
no external locus of control, if you please,

Schizophrenics have diffiiculty discerning the difference between real and 'psychic'
Mystics see evidence of trancendence in the ordinary.

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