Thursday, November 17, 2005

house gecko of Vohemar

Again exploring Google Reader, I found that the Photostreams on Flickr present well as blogs. Farl. whou travels a great deal in Southeast Asia, always adds informative descriptions to the images he posts.
house gecko of Vohemar:

I have to assume that they are the common house lizard in Northeast Madagascar as they were all over the place in Vohemar. That the gecko blended oh-so well with the pink walls of the beach cabin we were staying may even show that it may be one of the everpresent chameleons in the country. I only had one shot so you can actually detect its hurried movement as it scampered away when I took out my camera.

the gold dust day gecko or Phelsuma laticauda
(ID thanks to Ian or reservoir frog)
Vohemar, Northeast Madagascar, East Africa"

I particularly like the image of this brilliant Day Geckko.

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