Friday, September 30, 2005

Guardian Unlimited | Science | Don't dumb me down

Ben Goldacre Writes a column in the Guardian called "Bad Science"
This article describes how the media creates a straw man parody of science and uses that misrepresentation to belittle and criticize science and scientists.
Goldacre suggests that this reactionary tendency dates back to the reactions of the Romantic movement 200 years ago to science and empiricism. He suggests that part of the problem lies in the relative insignifigance of the Humanities when compared to scientific intellectual achevements. Journalists, he claims are jealous of the signifigant contributions to western civilization.
The dangerous implication here is that because science writers leave out the facts, they create an illusion that science is some kind of preisthood of experts and authorities. And nobody likes that sort of thing. Journalists set themselves up as oracular interpreters of the Delphic mutterings issuing from the ivory tower.

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