Friday, September 02, 2005


I’m one frustrated person.

I can’t do ANY thing for people in New Orleans.

They might as well live in Southeast Asia:

Or central Florida

The sad fact is that FEMA is a sham now. Now under homeland security, this agency rewards the victims of catastrophes according to their wealth and political allegiances.

The poor who were unable to leave the city now face anarchy.

The destructive wake of Hurricane Katrina also leaves us with less oil refineries.

We Floridians are in a position to build more refineries and wells.

Hurricanes destroy refineries and offshore wells.

Crappy options.


  1. hope you've found your niche where you fit in to help with all the Katrina chaos. If not, sounds like you want to do something local rather than some huge agency-thing. Try for your city and find real people doing real things for victims of Hurricane Katrina. I even saw opportunities to do things in cyberspace from the comfort of one's home that would mean a lot to those in need right now.
    just a thought. . .

  2. Thanks Cara,
    I'll look into it.
    It does worry me though when refugees come here to florida. We still havent cleaned up the mess from last year.
    I still have ply wood on my front windows.
    But I know folks in the area have made donations, sent crews of workers and generally been generous.


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