Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Central Casting Returns

Central casting will once again meet, although there are some issues in the background.

For one thing, two of the people involved are working through marriage dissolution. One person has his own equiptment now and a third person has health problems (MS) that make it difficult for him to do any actual casting.

The other major issue has to do with theft and the apparent intentions of FSG's resident busy bodies Ken and Sally. They have been complaining and threatening to take away the keys. Moreover they have consistently undermined the the two instructors and advised people not to take the classes.

Last of all there is just not enough time to do a full casting cycle. People tryring to cram their flasks into the oven and burn them out in one hour make for unpredictable results lost work hurts in many ways. It's lost income and lost effort over imagination. What is the point of being creative if the craftsmansip is reduced to a coin toss by other people trying new things?

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