Friday, July 15, 2005

Central Casting: solutions


you draw and carve well, people who drop out miss the opportunity to
work with a talented artist.
Don't let this happen again. currently you could
promise a finished product to enrolled participants. You would need to
work this out with the art center for billing etc, but, you could offer the option of casting their work for them.
we would need to consider several possibilities:

  • Casting In the last class vs. Casting as an additional service.[CICor CAS]

  • An optional casting fee for those who want the work done for them.

  • An incentive for people who also enroll in Thobe's Casting class

  • The Just Wax, "Wear it as it is," option. just stick the damn thing on. It'll look fine.
  • Work around forthe people who drop out.

  • You need to plan your classes, and hand out material on a day by day basis.
  • If you give participants the
    whole content, text and subject matter, they will believe they have aquired the knowlege.
  • Traditionally proffessors hand out a 'syllabus' which states the goals of the class,detailing the
    materials and methods to be explored during the course.

  • The syllabus can be an
    inspirng document but it should out line a series of events, a list of
    reqired texts and an expectation. An expectation
    could be that students present a wax model suitable for
    casting by a perfessional casting service/person.

  • A syllabus describes the
    Outline of the class and the goals and the requirements.

do consult with us. Masha, William, Thobe and I all have
willingness and expertise in lost wax casting. There is also
that Brett/Brad fellow, who is now a monitor. [Moustachio?]

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