Monday, June 13, 2005

The Phenomenon of Others

I haven't thought of Joyce Carol Oates in a while, much less read one of her books. "Son of the Morning," was the title of one which I read in college. I thought it was far more terrifying than Stephen King's horror classics. Oates is nearly as prolific a writer as King. And her criticism is usually compelling and insightful..
[Whereas Kin Wilt elly uo."Work Hard and Be Succinct."]

I was Married In Lewiston /Auburn Maine and My wife saidthat She and Kings Children Went to the same School.
She said That they smelled 'Strange.' But then she had an extrordinary nose.
Imagine an infants nose and mouth pressed against her breast. That Lewiston girl. The artist; she painted her Baby Blue.
The Red Hair Of Whom? and the Skin Of Suffocation.
I thought we were the same , dear reader,
You and I.
But nothing
Between us

--see whiskey river

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