Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Death Clock

I expect to check out on "Tuesday, June 17, 2036 "
When will you Die?


  1. 2045, according to the clock, which is surpising to me. No later than 2025, according to what I know of my heritage and current health.

    There's a little joke I picked up from the "Whatever it is, I'm against it" blog. He follows up bad news with the phrase, "plan your vacations accordingly". Mostly, I'd like to outlive the animals I've adopted. The people with whom I share a complex set of obligations and love will either be gone by then or able to take care of themselves. Grim but optimistic, that's how I like to live.

  2. Harry,
    Grim but optimistic sounds healthy.
    By comparing different choices, I found out that if I were a sadist, I'd be dead already.
    Outlook effects longevity.
    I also quit smoking back in september of two thousand and one. I planned it as a birthday present for myself but my resolve was not so great. A few days later the morning news helped me to stick to my commitment.
    My grandfather made it well into his nineties, so I suspect that death clock is less than accurate as a predictor.

  3. needless to say, I will likely predate your departure! Haven't been over on your blog for a while....nice new pics. Good stuff
    Hope you get to see the comet explode tonight!


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