Thursday, June 02, 2005

Central Casting

Well, Central Casting may continue through the summer after all. Jan Wunsch has a Tuesday night class, But apparently the Open Studio that Sally Bedrosian monitors on Mondays, will no longer be meeting...At least for the summer. None of this is official of course.

This past week's class went reasonably. Martin was absent because of a visiting relative, so I still have the bezels which I cast for him last week. Jim Thobe was in, perhaps anticipating that it might be our last session in quite some time. He and Gloria talked Important Teacher Talk through out the class, paying only slight regard to the lowly 'students.' Jim did become a little more interested when he heard mention of the four-figure prices that William has been getting for his work.

Tom Murray stopped by for an 'Experiment.' he brought a styrofoam cup circumscribed with a string of "lalalala," which he hoped to 'explode' by putting it under the vacuum bell. He had a bet going with a friend who had imploded or crushed a similar cup by putting it in a dive chamber. Nothing noticeable happened. Since the vacuum is barely enough to boil water, I'd guess that his theory was sound, he just needed a greater vacuum.

Registration is still open for classes at The Arts Center. Try their website or call (727) 822-7872.

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