Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Zero the Hero at Central Casting

Gloria was talking to a man when I pulled up to The Art Center.They were still leaning by the door by the time I hauled my tools over. "Wanna Meet Dean," she asked. as I walked By. "Sure," i said. He offered his right hand as I switched the canvas bag over to the left hand and tucked my knife case under my left arm. By that time changed hands: "Or we can do it this way," he said extending his left. Shook the left hand and grinned, not showing any teeth. Gloria opened the door for me.

Sam, the courtesy guard stood in the hall, looking at a shiny red Vespa parked across from a jewelery display case. " S'that your new ride?" I asked, picturing the six foot tall man scooting around with a basket of baguette on the tail-rack. We talked about the bike for a minute. "They have it for a raffle," he told me.

Martin was in the Studio sprueing little waxes. It was sort of lonely without William. I cast one flask for Masha and forged a funky little anticlastic ring out of a piece of stock i rolled. Martin played two CDs that he bought at an art fair on Passe a Grille. The guitar was nice in a flawless uninspired way. I put on a Segovia tape for comparison and Martin asked me to turn it down. later Gloria suggested that Ottmar Leibert sounded like music from the movie Zorro.

I was happy that Masha's earrings came out.

I learned that the old masters seem flawed and unclear by todays standards. True passion must go masked and flourish a cape; people insist on seeing that way.

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