Sunday, May 15, 2005

Letter never sent

She wrote:

OK I got it to load!

There is no descriptive information other than a list of addreses,. Are they your addresses or Dad's adresses. If they are Dad's then I may be able to add a couple more to the list. Let me know.

I know that Rowayton is missing. Its zip is 06855, and I think we lived on Highland Ave but can't remember for sure. I checked my old journals and I found my friend Wendy Wilson's adress, she lived up the road from us and went to Low Heywood Thomas with me. I know the library was next door so could check the Rowayton libraby address?

If they are your addresses, for complete accuracy, you may want to include New Haven, your birthplace and then Pine Orchard - I know you lived there as a very little person before they moved to Belle Terre.

So snuggly yes. The purple afgan.
The web page
It works in most browsers.
The side bar was a short list of links to maps on Google's map service with the satellite pictures. Since you mention our child hood together etc., I thought that you might have some warm memories of places and things that you wanted to share, I should have realized that you woulds say it doesn't work it was incomplete and you were having a perfectly happy time any way.
The map in the frame was a more personal " stand alone," with markers and descriptive stuff. I can put up to ten markers on a map and use ten maps for my account. AOLs browser may have problems with displaying the I frame or the links. you should obviously open the URL separately, not in the email itself. but you figured that out.
I don't have journals to consult photographs or any thing that connects me to the Wheeler family other than the small collection of papers you sent.
you probably remember that GWW accused me of murder and told me never to contact him again.
My hope was that we could reconstruct some of the life that we shared by creating a memory map and adding some reflections about things that concern us both. I do remember Pine Orchard from the photographs and also a house in downtown Port Jefferson You joined the family at around the time that we moved to Belle Terre. I recall watching fire works from the flat roof with the family. whe used that same old green wooden ladder to get up there through trap door in the ceiling of the attic. That ladder we also used in the Garage at Belle Terre and employed many times to " break in," to the house when we were locked out after school.
I started on the little map project and thought to share it with you.
I realize that this is no Purple Afgan nor even a nice thing or a personal thing. I hastily sent it off with the hope that you would appreciate some part of it. Yes You are correct those were 'Dad's' houses. I only occupied them while i was in he Wheeler's custody.
As i have only a few recollections of actual street adress I've been feeling my way around the maps by memory alone. I would certainly appreciate Information. but if youre confused or critical about the project don't trouble yourself.

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