Saturday, May 21, 2005

Generic Template

I just put up a Generic template for the weblog "Sunlight" I based the design on a CSS template from Bluerobot and some Blogger code. there are no external references except for the "powered by Blogger" button. The Date floats as an independent post and each post is contained in its own little box against a bluegrey field. The menur bar on the right is another shade of blue, The Blogger code displays the authors full name an highlights it as a link to the users profile code. The whole thing is Arial or Helvetica, making it seem very clinical. the one glitch is that comments are displayed outside the post box with no margin up against the side bar. I will examine this later and try to put it in a box. there may be a div class containing coments which could be exploited to give them a special character.
Feel free to Save it and use it for your own Blog.
It's real ugly in IE though. Must fix.

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