Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Central Casting

I spend too much time considering
the shifting alliances of any small group of people.
Common cause can create real and lasting bonds between people.
This should not be confused with shared interest.
William is back casting after time out for dental work. Gloria no longer drinks beer in the car while monitoring. Now she talks on the phone to her new boy friend. Martin, a perfectly nice gentleman, spends his time talking to her. so it seems she is still working on the same set of pieces as she was in christmas 2003.
William is focusing more on starfish and seahorses. he is pretty much working alone. Gloria no longer speaks to him except in the most minimal way. Gloria has apparently promised Martin that she will teach him in exchange for his setting up a web page for her to sell stuff. I guess she is doing some murals. Masha was in tonight. She worked on finishing some earrings that I cast for her last week. we worked on fabricating little bails for the earhooks out of the excess sprue material. I worked on a Fabricated ring. The solder kept un-binding whenever I annealed it so i used iron binding wire to hold the shape. the wire cut into the ring and kind of ruined it. on the other hand it may be fused, so I could reforge it without worrying about the solder. I put it away before I totally destroyed it. The problem is that the weird tension in the group makes me sick.I don't feel like doing any creative work.
OH and I did polish up one ring that Masha made weeks ago. It was rough and lumpy . . .a quick casting. now it looks kind of neat. shiny with a primal zig zag around the band. About a size eleven.
At one point Gloria And William got on great together. He encouraged her work and got to know the gallery owner where she sells stuff. He even found a new venue where he got her a gig painting a sign and A high profile place to show jewelry. He is making thousand dollar sales now and she appears to hate him.
We could really use some unity I used to think that there was some.
Of course gloria has a small teaching gig at The Arts Center. So She is now Important. Oh well.

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