Sunday, April 24, 2005

Tips To Turning Your Life Into Literature

  • Write about what you know. Dig up all that old dirt, then dish it.

  • Write about what you love. Would Patrick O’Brian’s seafaring Aubrey/Maturin novels have been any fun if he was hydrophobic?

  • Join a writers’ group. Monthly meetings with like-minded friends are a great source of feedback.

  • Go back to class and learn from a pro: Meet your future competition in an adult-school course.

  • Write to your favorite writer. Greg Kihn did.

  • Best-selling authors Natalie Goldberg and Julia Cameron know how to coax fledgling writers into full flight; check out their how-to workbooks.

  • The more you read, the better you write."

from Boomer 2.0

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