Sunday, April 17, 2005

New Template

I finnished working on the New Template. hows it look in your browser? I'm thinking of maring the "a" links a darker green and assigning a smaller type style to the Blogroll and archives list. Perhaps it should be for both sidebars. also a color change for "a:hover, and "a:visited."
Tell me how it looks in your browser.
IE probably sucks.


  1. Thanks harry
    What I worry about is the "flash" that i see in Firefox and the way that IE assigns the right column to a position underneath the center column,

  2. IE has an insolulable bug rendering styles on most Blogger templates. Not sure what to say about Firefox, though.

  3. i'm sure there is a work around. but i have yet to get to that. CSS code thatgets read by some browsers and not others.
    I can see there is also a problem with long adress strings that get loaded by java script and or blogger code. they run outside the border and intrude into the column to the right. on the right hand column they extend the margin of the body and cause some of the graphics to mis align.
    Probably could fix all this with afew tables...


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