Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Indigo Ocean - Currents of Mind-"Surrender to Escape"

Indigo Ocean - Currents of Mind:
Without her permission, I'll reprint this. Indigo writes honestly about her experience as a human being and her quest for truth..

"When I speak of surrender I don't mean giving yourself away. I mean finding yourself anew. I would never ask you to give up anything without offering you something much greater in return. There is no deprivation required, only a sacrifice. You must give up your small self if you are to discover your great self. Live in constant communion with your inner self and you will be living the life that called you to Earth.

When you decide that no matter what happens you are going to live in your joy and let something beyond your isolated intellect take care of the situation, you have surrendered. Your head is not stuck in the sand. You are paying close attention to see what your inner self does with the situation. This is how growth occurs.

Whenever I anthropomorphize God, which I generally try not to do, I imagine this huge body sitting with one toe shoved into this tiny little shoe, tugging and pulling at it and saying, "How do we fit into these bodies?" The answer of course is, grow the shoe. Expand.

In order to expand, you must first relax the leather. It must be soft and pliable or expansion will tear it apart. So if you want to be one with the highest aspects of yourself, to embody divinity as fully as you are able to do with this life of yours, soften your idea of who you are.

The idea each of us holds about who we are is one of the most difficult things to surrender. Each of us wants to be someone in particular. Every child gradually learns to move away from direct contact with the world. They go from relating as a wide open sky meeting a great, unknown expanse to relating as a fragile being that must hide behind a cloud of identity.

Society encourages the development of this facade because it wants to be able to easily sum each of us up at a glance and decide whether we are important to its aims. With many people, if you can help them get ahead or at least reflect favorably upon them by association, then you are worth knowing. If not, you will swiftly be dismissed and ignored.

Which role did you decide to take? Or was a role forced on you without much input on your part? Are you the smart one? Are you the flunky? Are you the misunderstood artist? The isolated nerd? The super-achiever? The bubbly breath of fresh air? What shape is your cloud? How dense is it? Does it completely block all light or are there moments when your true being shines through?

Perhaps there are times when you are alone that you momentarily forget who you are supposed to be. Maybe when you are traveling alone and there is nothing familiar around you nor anyone to relate to you in habitual ways there is some clarity that emerges. Though even in that situation everyone you meet is trying to sum you up, at least it is unlikely that whatever image of you they create will match your self-image. If you can see all misunderstandings about who you are as opportunities for escape, you are half-way over the barricades already.

The surrendered life is a life beyond clouds. It is a life lived free, not necessarily from the point of view of the world, but in how you relate to yourself. The surrendered life is not an echo of past thoughts, words, or actions. It is a continual stream of present moment responses coming from the inner self, which is always present-centered and never habitual.

Surrender directly to your inner self -- which lives in constant surrender to the flow of all existence -- and regain your true nature as a clear light shining in a spacious sky. Build your relationship with your inner self so that you can reliably allow your dense, unyielding, suffocating concepts of "self" that have been controlling your life to give way just a bit and some space to emerge there. In that space, you will begin to awaken to an awareness of your true nature as a reflection of something inexpressible that could never be captured by any label."
Indigo offers guidance. She is pretty cool too!

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  1. I have enjoyed reading your blog site. Additionally, Indigo's piece was beautifully written and I am sure that anyone on a quest for truth/enlightenment can relate.


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