Monday, December 13, 2004

Elephant Mask

Animals have their own lives.
Sometimes better than our own.
We all could wish for Animal pleasures
But the government might stop us,

If you feel like you live in a zoo
Go ahead and act like an ape.
I'm an anthropoid and you're one too.
Consider the life you want to escape.

Do no harm is my first advice
After that, pursue you own life.

.If you find some one in a field,
Dead and exposed, be kind.

You may go there too.
Elephants in zoo's
rock to and fro,
take up stones
marking the walls of their enclosures.

Some see the marks as the sign of Buddha,
Some sell the marks as Art.

the scrawl of a beast might fetch a thousand dollars
but my poem is yours for free.

Don't treat me like an elephant
scratching the walls of his cage.

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