Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Raed in the Middle

Raed in the MiddleThe U.S. forces are using "Nail-Bombs" and "Cluster-bombs" in the city, I saw the attacks of last night on T.V, and you can see the A-10 air fighter, which is the first air Force aircraft specially designed for close air support of ground forces, attacking Falluja streets by bombs that explode in the air and fall down like rain.

I saw and even kept some nails from a nail bomb attack on the city of Nasryya in southern Iraq during the occupation war, and I worked for months in the south to inform the people about the dangers of UXOs and unexploded cluster bombs. I saw dozens of children injured because of cluster bombs because they think they are toys.
This is the Iraqi version of: Toys r US-(bombs)

The use of cluster bombs and nail bombs is illegal, and they were used in Falluja in the attack of April too. But who said there is anything legal about this war anyway.

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