Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Metal Work

Central Casting pulled off another good session last night. Masha cast a gold ring for a client who lost a lot of weight since he put in a request. he dropped from a size sixteen to a size fourteen. Doctors orders. His heart. We still have the first ring and were able to cast the second out of the gold he gave us for the job. this one is a bit yellower. we added a casting alloy of gold that cleans up the product, and threw the metal at a low temperature so that it was very clean when it cooled off. very little oxidation.
William was not able to make it. but he has put out quite a few commpleted pieces these past few weeks. Built cases too, for exhibition at a Tierra Verde location. The Arts Center has mounted their holiday show. we all subbmitted pieces. I cant wait to see how William's work is recieved.
Some how the show seems empty to me. I need to make something new. Last year I was pleased with my work., although I recieved but a pitance in payment for the two things that sold.. I have so many unfinished things around maybe thats what is wearing on me.

There were two rings involved in this. And a bit of gold purchased. the client is expected to pay one hundred dollars for the work.
I might get 50.
This project kept me from finishing other work for two weeks.
The exact gold carat weight of the ring is uncertain.

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