Thursday, October 21, 2004

A Play for Passing Voices.

At what point does the sound of voices begin to distinguish itself into conversations
A room full of voices. How many?
It would be nice if we were writing a play instead of a novel.
The voices begin to become discernible.
Not that it should ever occur to you but Writing does make a good substitute for human relationships.
You can send a message across the distance.
Also Introductions don’t count unless you count them.
You can send a voice across the water.
You can call me anytime.

Answer the question, which part is fiction?
What is this supposed to be anyway?
Begin the hallucination.
Does this matter?
If I were writing something like a novel It would have me as the protagonist. I would have to be right in the midst of it; otherwise i couldn’t muster the enthusiasms necessary to perpetrate on readers such abominations an imagination like mine might bear.
What Is this set?
It looks generic.
What have you heard so far?
Not much of what I’m saying I would Guess.
is this supposed to be experimental?
It’s hard to have your guts wrenched out at every tun and then have meticulous detailed descriptions of minutia that you can’t even navigate because no ones even heard of any thing like that. And then you realise that it’s you writing that they are talking about.
Then what are critics good for.
I didn’t say you had to understand the thing just read it.
Do they expect anyone to cheat?
I do suppose people would.
There’s not even any real prizes anyway.
Oh I’ll bet some of these novels are real prizes.
Oh that’s for sure.
Oh yeah..
So how do we get off to starting this thing?
You mean we can’t just do it?
He means just that.
So how do we start.
With a dark and stormy cliche?
With a writer whose trying to create a book?
You mean for a contest?
I had this Idea for a piece where there were just these disembodied voices..
Like a radio play?

Yeah. something about how deadlines work for you and against you at the same time.
Do we need to start with a definition of time?
We should list our names.
You’ve got to tell me how this is going to be a novel.
Does anyone have paper.
I was in a movie once.
This doesn't have to be difficult.
You’re telling me.
You’ve got to tell me how.
It was a good story. I even wrote part of it. but I never finished it.
What happened?
No plot.
Not that
What then.

I need more I’ve lost track.
I’m looking back at some lost time.
They all came tumbling out again just like that.
All of it without rhyme or reason.
The voices seem to tell me what to do.
sometimes one voice begins to narrate
loses control and another voice takes its place
whining about this and that while other statements
overlap extending meaning beyond its need.

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