Tuesday, September 21, 2004

A few points of interest

One school of though has John Kerry cast a a far left loony. The other paints him as a moderate (like Clinton,) who slants his position in any way that will get him elected.
I see him as More Conservative than Bush, Because Bush is a Neo-Conservative Reformer.
The problem with seeing the two candidates as similar should be obvious. The guy who has the job looks better.

Here are some clear differences between the two candidates positions:

-Pro-choice vs. Anti-choice (with a bunch of really old Supreme Court justices.)
-Pro-environmental regulation vs. getting rid of them
-Pro-civil unions vs. Pro-rewriting the Constitution to make 10% of our population second-class citizens
-Pro-assault weapons ban vs. NOT
-Pro-separation of church and state vs. NOT
-Pro rolling back tax cuts for wealthy vs. making them permanent
-Raising the minimum wage vs. NOT
-Raising the cap, but keeping the Estate tax vs. Repealing it altogether
-Allowing drug importation and government negotiation on drug prices vs. NOT

Courtesy of elisa at SCCDP

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