Monday, September 27, 2004

A Blustery Day

This Morning
The wind is whistling hard around the corners of the house right now. The onset of hurricane Jeanne. This morning we were wakened by a knock at the door. It was our neighbor Ernie with a circular saw and a couple of drills. He Had Masha plug in To the outlet right inside the front door and went back for a T-square. I dragger a couple of saw horses around from the side of the house and Masha got him a rain poncho. We miss-cut the first board, But the whole window is wider than two panels together, so we used the extra to cover the gap in the middle. I suggested that we could cut the piece into three fourteen inch strips but and then have enough to finish the back since the window was the same size. Ernie said “no we’re aiming for practicality not beauty”. Then he realized that I was taking about the back window and said “no were just going to do this one right here.”
We put the two pieces up and covered the gap in less than thirty minutes. The last little gap on the top WI filled with a scrap of plywood that used to sit on top of the bookcase in the kitchen where Sweetie the ICANN used to live. There was a charcoal sketch of a Buddha on the board with the words “Just One Breath,” drawn in to match the grain of the wood.
“Is that your best work?” asked our neighbor.
“Sure,” I said.
“Stick with jewelry”, he advised.

At about twenty minutes of ten, The power went off, as I was writing this. We heard an enormous buzzing as a transformer shorted out several blocks away.
I managed to get some Chicken and Rice cooked before the blackout.
During the Gusty part of the day, a tree broke off and fell against the power line to our house. Who have lights now, but the tree is there suspended against the cable, threatening to plunge us into darkness any minute, taking out our phone line as well.
On the whole the day was sort of boring. I needled around on the Dulcimer and fiddled with the short wave radio. At one point I went out to saw off part of the broken tree so that it could fall free but when the wind picked up to seventy something MPH I thought I should stay inside. Now that the electricity is back I don’t want to go any where near the situation. I’v been electrocuted before. Once when I was a kid I stepped on a line that had fallen and I scorched my foot. I could’t move my leg for a second I had to throw my weight to the side to get off the cable. My sister was with me. I guess she thought I was showing off.


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