Thursday, August 14, 2003

Cleaning frenzy

The trouble with house guests is that they inspire one to cover up any evidence of lazyness or lapsed lifestyle with a vigorous scrubbing of floors and rearangement of furniture. Masha's brother and Leilani, an old freind of theirs, have been staying over, the catch is that they are staying at Denny's house rather than ours. nonetheless both houses have been scrubbed and reorganized, with some favorable results. There are however hidden consequences, which none of us would have guessed, Objects piled and stacked in new configurations making formerly accesible essentials unreachable. Of course Jim And Leilani are both nice people. But they are my parents age and so mostly I feel left out. I had a nice talk with Leilani though about her grad school experiences in France, and how Masha's "scene" in Cambridge helped to ground her and gave her a point of reference. From talking to her I realize how little i know of My own mother and how much of my own life I've missed.
The next project is to clean up this hard drive and prepare for a new one 30-gig!

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