Tuesday, June 17, 2003

U.S. military officials announced that American troops had detained 371 people in three days of sweeps in Baghdad and northern Iraq meant to "isolate and defeat remaining pockets of resistance that are seeking to delay the transition to a peaceful and stable Iraq."

On Sunday, insurgents ambushed two U.S. military convoys north of Baghdad, wounding 10 soldiers and an unknown number of Iraqi civilians traveling on a bus that was passing one of the convoys

"There is an element of society here that doesn't want change and they see the coalition forces as bringing change in the form of freedom and democracy," said Col. David Perkins, commander of the 3rd Infantry Division's 2nd Brigade. "Anyone they think is helping with that change they are going to try to intimidate and that won't work."----By CHRIS TOMLINSON
The Associated Press

Quietly, US Military Meets Bin Laden's Main Demand

who is running this war?

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