Tuesday, October 22, 2002

I worked on a face made of copper at FSG last night. After dapping out the sesame seed shape, I rubbed a nose into it. Then turned it over to make the eyes, gently supporting the metal from behind with my fingers while circling the tool inside an eliptical stencil. After pressing out the lips, raising the cheekbones and the occipital crest, I torched it lightly till the metal oxidized blue.
I went down to the studio a little early, and got there at half past five, When it started to rain, just as a policeman was chasing a homeless man from a niche he had found. There was only one car in the lot and I remember smiling plesantly at a woman whom I do not kmow as she came out and drove away. Kathy R. had arrived and was parked closer to the street. She got out of her car when Denny and Masha arrived. Then we discovered that the building was all locked up. she was the intended monitor for the evening. We waited and debated what to do until Ken W. showed up. Ken went to the Meeting over in Hyde park and told us that he had spent the day shopping for chairs apparently FSG makes a lot of money from workshops and decided to spend it on chairs and a new flexibe shaft rotary tools. He made no comment about the workshop-demo that Jim T. gave on lost wax casting.
Wednesday is the deadline for Florida Craftsmans holiday show and saturday is last day for delivering to the Arts Center for their show.I have three pieces to put in each show and a few more to back it up. All told I've made about ten forged bracelets this summer.

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