Thursday, August 01, 2002

`That his explanation didn't include
exactly who shipped on the contents of his his room.
Warnings like that don't occur in every situation.

Though who you are you cannot see.
There are in his thought running through you
which ever way you tend. And the very obvious
ice in your heart lets us know you're a friend.

There's never been another though
you can't think people compete
with him you are complete
wherever you have to show.

Said try another way
said don't know who you are the
said everything you say s'k'hool
said both of you are two of a kind

And we don't get that anymore.
Still longtime it's been alone time.
And everything you wonder is not clear
still is another though you can think people complete.

An increase thing you say it is not so this we
do below the things we said were cool
you hadn't thought there was so much school
and now you've got to do in why would be

And have incentive and industrial place says
you share and free pen when everyone said
the leave in the dogs don't take lying graph wanted in its
foyer you're pry a stain my pen

Over your price take my head
cool merger over precedents to the
bone or her for a state Monday the
loan for your prize take my head

Imaginative precedents for what we have achieved
this nothing like this in anything Novell human history
never before have you seem like of this
black watch man take our case

not much is known about the author of this poem.

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