Sunday, August 04, 2002

Masha and I went to FSG Yesterday. Ken, Phyllis, Brenda was proctoring, Mel, A lady named Karen whom we haven't met before, at least one other person. Some people left because it was crowded.
I Browsed around in the gallery some for a while before I went in to work. Checked out the prizewinners and the purchases.
I'm not sure if i like the Ray Acuzay exhibit. sort of like andy warhol with sheet metal. Every thing looks durable and like a car or washing machine. They look as though they were designed for a large public space where people rush by rather than hang out.
I rolled two sheets of silver, from the coin, so that they ended as elongated elipses. I also annealed and pried around on another bracelet in more finished form.
Ken showed me his torch, portable with just a little gas.
Mel Showed me the ring she was working on, second to last project A ring based on corrugation where she was setting a pearl. it was set up so that the final soldering would not be done near the pearl.
there was some discussion about leaving apparently Brenda needed to get some where at six and it was after five thirty.

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