Monday, July 29, 2002

I've been wondering about andrew
Masha asked me last night if i thought the two bunches of crepe myrtyls that he brought over were his way of saying goodby. He told me that he had just gotten back from his 'real mom and his sister and brother were there and that they all held hands and prayed. (maybe his stepfather was there too; he said he was afraid of him 'cause he threw him down against the wall once) there was a tone in his voice which left me to think that he meant something mere like that i might know what they prayed for.
he said that he would go back to school in August, "you know what that means," he rolled his eyes. "Oh you'll be moving in with your folks," I said.
He kept looking at the clock reminding me that we till six o'clock to talk. we went on after six and then he said, " oh that's bobbies car." we made plans to see each other after and I walked him to the end of the driveway and saw him go down the street.
I never did now his last name.
He likes trucks though.

9:20 AM 7/29/2002

Andrew visited yesterday. He had just been over at his biomom's. He played with his brother, spent most of the time indoors and played some violent sounding video games which he said belonged to his dad in this case step dad I think.
Peter told us that he was knocking on the door so Mash went out first and I found the green rubber ball that he had lost so that I could produce it magically from behind his ear.
Masha asked if he liked music and he looked suspiciously at the shiny Gemeinhart that I was starting to play and said "not that much."
She asked him the normally polite social questions and I played minor melodies, joining in the conversation marginally.
He said there's only two weeks till school starts for him.

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