Sunday, July 07, 2002

At another event, last Sunday the city overcharged us for an event billed as "The Maritime Festival." The best part was the Cisne Branco from Brazil. We werent allowed to go on it. Everything about the event was meant to show you that other people have more money and priviledge than you do. We paid Ten dollard each and were not allowed any where near the boats. One coast guard vessel, the Eagle allowed free admission because the Coast Guard is not privately owned. They neglected to tell us that the Eagle had left. So we looked at stingrays in a wading pool and Watched Republican mayor Rick Baker cut ahead of a few hundred people (with his son) so he could congratulate the captain and crew and have his picture taken. The saddest part is that Jeff Shoup the fiddle man stood outside sawing away at some sea shanties and Shostakovitch, but I doubt he made enough to get in to see the boats. He is a local self taught musician, probably a treasure of the community, and he should have been employed by the festival. We have read a whole week of editorials about how bad the event was, but obviosly they spent very little and made a bundle. God Save America.

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